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A Letter From the Blogger

6 Nov

Dear Readers:

Edited 11/11/12: New Sports blog available for followers over at

I love this blog. Flat out, I love this thing, and it could easily be my life. However, I can’t find a reason or a topic to make me stay. I love politics, but I can be very divisive and tell people how I really feel about their opinions. That doesn’t make me a bad person, it’s just that I feel it’s my duty to tell you if you’re not informed already. Facts are facts, most people don’t read the news, and most people ignore politics or the world because they realize it’s a mess. And while I have no number in front of me to write, I can promise you that statement is true.

Let’s look at it this way. Go to where you work, call family members, or ask your social media network about a topic not hotly covered in the news. I’d imagine you’d get a few responses, a Tweet about it, or a Like on Facebook. But if you posted a topic largely covered by all media outlets you’ll see a largely divided, but active discussion. You’ll have the group that is loyal to Fox News, then you’ll see a small group in favor of MSNBC and other sources. Trust me, that Fox News group will always outnumber everyone else unless you are highly selective of friends or run a very liberal group.

And that’s the problem. That’s why I have trouble writing about things I want to write about. I was going to use this blog to talk about politics and create debates, but then I realized I was going to really piss people off. That made me decide to run with a sports blog. But…blah. Sports news and views are old. Everyone covers it, and it’s time-consuming.

To properly cover sports you need to keep up on all the news as well as watch all the games. Even if it’s one team specifically, you have to set aside 2-3 hours every week, every other day, or sometimes daily to properly cover them. I love talking basketball, and I decided I’d cover the Pacers since it’s my hometown team and their easier to follow than some of the teams I like a little better. But that got to the point where I was trying to work, spend time with friends and family, and fit in these games and research.That’s why I’m walking away from it. I may, from time-to-time discuss sports, IndyCar Racing, and even F1. But most likely I’ll go back to speaking topics that interest me that aren’t in these categories. I want to make this my home for politics, and the official blog of my Facebook Group The Movement and Twitter Account  @TheMovementUSA.

And yes, if you’re thinking this will be very politically motivated it will be. But, if you like my sports opinions and other tidbits I’ll bring them around once in a while. But, you can guess that my divisive political ideals are very left-leaning. I’d consider myself a strong progressive that sees problems as complex, and not simple. I see our greatest obstacle to move forward is ourselves. We are the only one’s holding ourselves back. In our own lives, and as a country.

It’s time things like Abortion, Gay Marriage, and other social issues leave the conversation. It’s time like important fiscal decisions are made, green energy is pushed onto the table, corporations are put in-check, and the American people all have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their economic background. Success is about hope. Overcoming failure is about believing you can, and making something of yourself only takes the belief that you could do anything that you want if you try just hard enough.

And trust me, I won’t always bore you with big political topics, but I’ll talk about my research, my platform, and how I believe things could be fixed. With that you’ll find sports updates to follow as well as random talking about life. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you keep coming back. 

Many Thanks,

Colby Martin

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