The NFL Can’t Replace the Replacements

25 Sep

So by now I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Debacle in Seattle”. If you haven’t, then here’s a quick synopsis of what happened. In a last minute heave from Seattle QB Russel Wilson a ball was caught be a Green Bay DB in the endzone. As the Defensive Back fell to the ground Seattle Wide Receiver Golden Tate grabbed the ball. The ruling on the field was a Touchdown, although one referee signaled an interception.

If you haven’t heard of it, I don’t know how. It’s been the only thing on ESPN all day and has had spotlights on all sorts of media outlets. Which brings me to the point, the NFL can’t let these guys go, and they can’t agree to terms with the old refs. Not because the old refs were bad or I believe the NFL is better without them, but because this is the most publicity an organization could ask for. There’s an old saying, “bad publicity is good publicity”. Basically you always have to pay for what little time you get, and most organizations would be dying for this type of publicity.

But This Isn’t Ok

From a coach, player, and fan perspective this sucks. This is the worst feeling to have. You never want a game to be decided by the referee. In any sport you never want to be the officiating to be the main talking point after a game. Look at the INDYCAR Series. Last fall they had a debacle at Loudon when then race steward Brian Barnhart decided to restart as it was raining on an oval. At that time current points leader was sitting in a position to finish in the top 5. However he spun out on the slick track and crashed. At the time he was set to finish a lap down and be out of the points. After the race though the officials decided to overturn the results and return to the lap previous putting him back in the points.

I’m sure many of you Packers fans are hoping for a similar result. However, you won’t be getting it as the NFL released a statement this afternoon saying they support the ruling on the field and will not overturn the call. The final is 14-12 Seahawks win.

Why The NFL Won’t Do Anything

Sorry in advance, but if you’re a major fan of the NFL get used to this. They won’t be changing any calls anytime soon. Nor will they be working to come to terms with the main NFL Officials. The reason is simple, the officiating may tarnish the respect for the game, or the impressions that it gives, but it won’t change the product. The NFL is the only major professional football league, and the market share it possesses is so large that they won’t care to lose a few people. It also won’t reverse the call because they don’t want to give negotiating power to the NFL Officials Union. You admit the replacements messed up, and the original referee’s will use that against the NFL in meetings. With everything going the way it is, I just don’t see the NFL changing anything around anytime soon. I also don’t see the NFL agreeing with the Officials Union anytime soon. If they do, good, but if they don’t then don’t be surprised.

Plus you can’t blame the NFL for not changing it. Outside of missing the Pass Interference call, the Packers purely screwed up. Sure they outplayed Seattle but they also allowed 8 sacks and on a hail-mary the first thing they teach a defender is to “knock the ball down”. If M.D. Jennings swats the ball downward the catch never happens. We shouldn’t even be talking about this right now, but Jennings wanted the spotlight and wanted the pick.

You Think You Can Fix It

Sure you can, the fans are the one group of people who can push the settlement between officials and the NFL. Simple things like making the NFL lose money by not buying jersey’s or memorabilia. Upset the owners by not going to games or buying souvenirs, Trent Dilfer said it this morning on EPSN, he said upsetting the owners by spending less at the stadium or just not going will be a sure fire way to upset the NFL, the owners, and eventually push the two to negotiate with the Officials Union.

If you can’t fix it, get used to this. It’ll be like this for awhile because the NFL has no reason to fix this problem. The publicity is amazing, they won’t stop talking about it, and why would the NFL admit something is wrong and allow the officials to negotiate with this in their favor.


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