Blood Thirsty Poli-Ticks

24 Sep

Blood suckers, thirsty…thirsty blood suckers. Not vampires, and no not the disease infected citizens of the Walking Dead, but the nasty money hungry, blood thirsty people who run as politicians in this country. That’s the best way for me to describe them. They attack the weak, go after peoples failures, and when they smell blood…they attack. Take for instance the recent gafs of Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney decided it was a good idea to say that 47% of the American people didn’t matter to him……what an idiot. I understand that the speech was intended to show how he needed to approach the election, but still. The first key to an effective political campaign is to not give your opponent any “bulletin board” material. Yet Mitt Romney continues to practically hand the Democrats the material.

I’ve never seen this happen in a political race, let alone a Presidential race. You’d have to be the dumbest person to give your opponent all of this fuel, and you’d have to be an idiot to not use what was handed to you. Which leads me to Obama. Where is that old fashioned political attacks? Why hasn’t he really ran with that material and shoved it in our faces? The Republicans would in a heart beat. They attack Obama for his healthcare policy and say it screws the doctors. Not because it does, but because the American people respond to negativity.

This is where the blood-suckers survive, and this is where the negative attack ads thrive. Politicians love to be in control, they love the power, and you know they love the spotlight. So, negative or not, this is the way for them to shine. It’s disgusting really. I hear politicians from both parties say different laws do horrific things. I’ve hear Republicans say Obama sympathizes with terrorist, I’ve heard Democrats say Republicans want to kill off poor people  .  Ok, I’ve never heard Democrats talk crap about Republicans. What…the…heck? No wonder Democrats get made looking like the little girl in pre-school who lost her lunch to the bully. They are surprised, scared, and appear to be awe struck instead of angry and ready to fight back.

So why is it the Democrats are such softies? Maybe it’s because a lot of them believe in working together and striving to achieve a common goal for the people. Or maybe because deep down all they care about is money. When the Republican politicians in the US began to attack workers rights, workers unions, and welfare programs the Democrats barely even said a thing. Most of the time they were mum on the issue, or in some instances they walked out of their individual state houses only to sit in a local state’s hotel and speak to little watched media outlets. Heck, the local news won’t even cover the issue. The only place I ever heard those politicians talk were on the Ed Show on MSNBC.

Is that the reason? Does no one really give a crap about the Democrats, or are we really over politics. We hardly ever hear both sides of the story, because the group in control tend to run everything, but then again whoever has the money controls everything. Just look at Republican candidates. They spend almost 3x’s as much as the Democrats do on campaigns. But then again look at who supports the candidates the most. Typically Wall Street donates the most to Republicans, although lately they’ve been supportive of both groups. Goldman Sach’s loves the Democrats. They were one of Obama’s top donors. They practically control all of the financial policies in Washington. They were the most powerful during Clinton’s administration and are responsible for a lot of the financial fiasco’s during the Bush Administration.

Fact is, both parties are parties of money that support corporate groups but they do so in different shades of grey. Republican’s want to give the money to the top earning people as a big “Thank You”. Democrats like to more to the lower earners while giving bigger corporate breaks. Some people like to say that’s considered “welfare”. Truth is, everything the country does can be considered welfare. Giving corporate tax-breaks are welfare, giving social security is welfare, and giving tax-breaks to the middles class is welfare. But what is the government to do when it’s becoming harder to live, and inflation continues to push prices to all-time highs. Gas is around $4 a gallon. A gallon of milk is twice as expensive as it was 2 years ago, and with the drought it’s surely to go up.

We are surely going to suffer even greater hardships financially as long as things stay the way they are. Hopefully come election time we pick a candidate that best suits our future. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to matter. Because these politicians could care less. They are out to take what they want, get where they want, and to control who they want. It’s about money, and whoever has the most will get the most power. Whoever has the most power is bound to control this country for a long time. Until we get away from the Blood Thirsty Poli-Ticks, we’ll be stuck in this inevitable circle. It’s frankly scary, and I hope that we open our eyes as a country and realize what’s not just best for us, but best for all of us. These qualities will surely help us, and this is what I believe is the best for this country:

1. An all encompassing leader. Not just someone who cares about one social or economical group more than the other.

2. A politician who drops the Religious card and begins to only care about doing the right things for everyone. No moral compass is powerful enough to help everyone. Denying someone else something because it’s not within your moral boundaries is unfair and poor leadership.

3. Someone who believe money isn’t important to themselves yet understands that fiscal responsibility is vital for the country as a whole. Someone who stops giving tax breaks to different individuals and learns how to manage what’s wrong. Cuts funding to non-essential programs, but funds and invests in programs that will help the country become stronger and more stable. Infrastructure is a good start and is an essential part of our economy and country.

4. A politician who stops kissing big business’ behind. It’s time the consumer take control of the market again. If you read my last blog you’ll understand how much I hate big business and their lack of respect for their customers. The market should be controlled by the consumer, and pricing should be again controlled by supply and demand and not by gamblers on Wall Street.

5. Healthcare is essential to the well being of our county. Without it, millions of people would die from simple diseases and infections. By continually making it tougher for people to get medical attention and by forcing our people to buy health insurance is a quick way to make our country collapse. A proper health care plan would have made drugs cheaper, increased the number of clinics for individuals needing preventative care, and would have allowed a tax-based health insurance plan.

6. Someone who forces the global economy come home. There’s no reason why Ford or Chevy should build our cars in Japan or Mexico. Nor should our normal retail goods be made in similar countries. Nothing is American made anymore, except for Honda’s and Toyota’s. No, that’s not a joke, my parents Honda Civic was built in the US, yet my dad’s Dodge was built in Canada. Whether we focus on using tax incentives to bring them back, or punish them for leaving, something needs to be done to bring back jobs and products.

7. Farm-bills and other supplemental bills that give money to organizations need to stop. As a country we shouldn’t burn hundreds or thousands of pounds of food. We burn cheese, corn, and other produce so that we can keep prices down. This is not only a waste of work, but also could be given to local food pantry’s or donated to non-profits that take food oversees.

8. Abortion and birth control debates are not important for a Presidential candidate. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit, there are always just as many people on the other side. Stop focusing on this matter and begin to focus on ways to prevent the need for these things. Stop worrying about abstinence only programs and teach people to properly protect themselves. Teenage sex isn’t going away, neither is unprotected sex. People want to feel good, and people want to enjoy what they are doing. Dogs don’t hump people because it’s boring, so why would people stop having sex?

9. Look for a candidate that believes in equality and giving everyone that chance to live the American dream. Just because you are already rich doesn’t mean you should be the only one allowed to be rich. Everyone deserves a fair chance, albeit it shouldn’t be a handout. You still need to work for it.

10. Look for the candidate who wants to fix welfare, not just kill it or expand it. Welfare should be a kickstarter, not a constant stream of cash and help. You need to work your way out, and our government needs to force you to work your way out. The longer you’re in it, the harder it is to get out of it. A generation that grows up in poverty is more likely to stay in poverty. Yet if we don’t fix our economy there’s going to be a lot more people in this group. It’s about time the government start pushing the people in it to get out, and if you don’t get out then you don’t get help. You’ve got to work for it just like everyone else. Because frankly, if pride wasn’t a factor who wouldn’t want to be on welfare? You don’t have to work, you just do some classes and job fairs occasionally and get money to live on as well as housing. It’s a joke, and it’s not fair to the middle class people like myself who had to pay for college and everything else I wanted.

These things are the things I believe are a solid foundation to a great candidate. Our future is very important and it’s time we stop neglecting our future. Stop pushing teachers over the brink with absurd amounts of testing. Start pushing children to learn things that matter, and not pushing for the highest math and science scores. That doesn’t prove anything, employees in the future want well-rounded individuals that can do everything. Because that’s how the global economy works. We need to re-brand high school. It should become the new college to save our future generations money and increase the financial stability of young adults entering the workforce. If we can skip spending thousands of dollars on public and private universities, we could begin working and spending money in our economy much sooner.

After all, we are in it together. If America falls, we all fall. So disconnect the moral connections, the financial connections, and begin searching for a politician that actually gives a crap about us all, and not just the rich or the poor. It’s all of us or none of us. Don’t look for the power America, look for someone who cares.


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