The Double Standards

12 Sep

Our world is full of double standards, from the differences of women and men, to the differences of how much money certain careers make. They always say that guys can sleep with as many women as they want and they are awesome, and yet if a girl sleeps with a bunch of guys she’s a whore. Well, I can kind of get that as I’ve always said girls control who’s sleeping with them. Guys just try to convince girls to sleep with them. But that’s not the point of this blog.

This is my complaint about money. Why is it okay for an athlete to may millions of dollars, but a teacher or the likes is supposed to get paid hardly nothing? And don’t argue with me that teachers who make a national average of near $50,000 is too much for their job. It’s a tough job, and while there aren’t a lot of physical challenges the mental demands are extremely high.

For those of you who are arguing with me, take a day to go into a classroom. Maybe you should substitute teach, or just ask to sit in a random classroom. It’s not easy for anyone to just jump in and control the classroom. You can have anywhere from 15-30 different personalities, and just the same amount of maturity levels in a room. Controlling the classroom behavior is one of the easier parts actually, but by the time you figure out how to control everyone you’ve got to begin teaching these kids from a set list of standards given by the state. Oh, and mind you, you won’t have much time to try and experiment with new ideas or teaching kids things that really matter. This is where the job become monotonous and boring.

If you were a teacher you probably decided to join the profession because you loved to work with kids and you wanted to use your knowledge of the world and life to help kids follow the right path. I know most teachers did that, and I’m sure most of you are still teaching for that reason. It’s never because of the money, the paycheck, or the financial benefits. It’s all about the kids, and for people to say it’s not are out of their minds.

Sure, just like any career there are individuals out there for different reasons. Some athletes play a sport because they love what they do and are passionate about it, while there are some out there trying to find a way to get rich. Isn’t it a part of the American dream to get rich off of something you love to do everyday, and be good at what you do? Do I want to be rich? Of course I do, but I’d rather just have something I can do that I love and make a decent living doing it so that I can support a family.

I just turned 26 and I can’t wait to finally have a family, but with little signs of a job on a horizon and barely able to make a living doing what I currently am doing I need to find a new way to pursue those goals. I’ve been through a series of interviews for a position, and I truly hope something comes of it. It’s not my dream job as I have to do a lot of traveling, but it’s a decent job with decent benefits. Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t but I’m going to start doing more blogging and more writing. I love to do it, and I love to talk about a lot of different topics. I’ve got another blog that focuses on gaming, you can find it here on WordPress at This blog will focus more on the things that effect my life, things such as politics, technology, and the economy. I’ll speak on social issues, moral issues from time to time, and I’ll speak whatever crosses my mind that day.

But back to my original topic of double standards. Isn’t it time that the world stop fighting against teachers? They work really hard in order for them to teach tests that a few non-teachers designed. Test that are to measure students progress. But how do we measure the progress of people, people progress at different rates. Certain individuals progress faster, certain individuals never grasp a topic and get left in the dust.

Oh, and about that, teachers don’t have time to slow down and work with the kids that are behind because they are too busy trying to keep up with the standards that the state set. And if they do slow down, then they leave the other kids bored and unwilling to cooperate. Doesn’t this sound like so much fun? It could be, but due to the continual cuts to education classrooms are too big for teachers. 25-30 students in class to one teacher is a very unbalanced ratio. If we really want our students to learn we need to pay more money for teachers, not just to individual teachers. If we increase the budgets for education we could make classes smaller. Wouldn’t children be better off if there were only 10-15 students per teacher. Or even better if there were 5-10 students per teacher. Imagine the one-to-one time your child would get, imagine all of the extra learning that could be pursued.

The possibilities are incredible and I hope that we as a society begin to realize the facts. The fact is there’s not a lot of money placed into education, teachers don’t get paid much either. Maybe we can start increasing there salaries, allow them to actually get more money the harder they work. Having one base salary that never changes is absurd. No other career in the world does that to their employees. Even working at McDonald’s will get you a raise if you work hard enough and long enough there. And truth is if you work full-time for McDonald’s you’ll make nearly $20,000 as a Manager. A local school corporation starts their teachers off around $22,000. That’s a little more than McDonald’s with more responsibilities, more stress, and higher expectations of the position. Keep working at McDonald’s and you’ll surpass that salary quickly. Work as a teacher for a few years and your salary is still the same, plus the potential bonuses you may receive if you score high enough on your evaluations. If you don’t score high enough you’ll keep the same salary and eventually you probably won’t teach anymore.

If you’re wondering where I’m at that this is going on, this is what’s happening in Indiana. In Indiana teachers are thought of as the elite. Teachers are seen as the enemy. Parents complain about teachers, the state complains about teachers, students say teachers suck. Teachers aren’t allowed to teach, they are forced to follow stupid guidelines so that the state can “track” their progress. On top of all of that, the state is slowly trying to PRIVATIZE schools. They don’t want to pay for it anymore, and corporations see it as a way to get rich quick. There’s a lot of money to be made by schools, and if the state stops paying for it, parents will be responsible to pay for their child’s education. This is easy to make money for these corporations, and frankly I can’t blame them. But they need to realize they are only screwing our future up, not theirs. When are children aren’t being educated properly and suffering from overcrowded classrooms, don’t blame me. I sat right here and told you that we need help, we need to quit our double standards, and it’s time we start putting some faith in our teachers. Teachers have been teaching for years, a lot of the teachers that taught you are still teachers today. Don’t you think you learned pretty well? Don’t you feel like how you got to where you are in life has something to do with them? I credit a few of my teachers for being there for me. I credit my family a lot for my education, but guess what? That’s right my mother is a teacher. So I guess if I learned something from here, other people will learn from here as well.


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