I Don’t Reflect, I Move Forward

11 Sep

Truth is, I don’t like to look backwards. No, not because I’m an evil person with a lack of a heart, but because I’m the type of person that believes the only true way to honor the past is to make the future the best it can be.

Like many of you today, I remember what happened 11 years ago on the beautiful bright blue skied day in September. Honestly, as I look outside today the day seems pretty similar. No clouds in the sky, it’s warm, but not too hot. I woke up that morning early, the earliest I had in a while as a couple of my soccer teammates picked me up for breakfast at a local mom and pop cafe. It’s not there anymore, and as a matter of fact that was the last time I ever ate there. Not that it had anything to do with the events of that day, but because I was always too lazy to wake up that early.

We had a soccer game that day, much like they do tonight (I help coach my high school team). The world was progressing and beginning to grow even larger than it had been, and currently if you look at the economy it’s beginning to grow bigger than it has been for the past 8 years. We were in the first year of the Bush Administration, and we’re in the last year of the Obama Administration’s first term.

Other than those seemingly similar things, the days are very different. 11 years ago we were not afraid of the world, today millions of American’s still fear another similar attack. This is where my thinking steps in. Is it proper for us to continue to fear the past, did American’s fear the Japanese years after World War II or did we get over it. I can’t speak for that generation of Americans, but I can say we rebuilt Japan after dropping an Atom Bomb on them. You can thank us for the success of Mazda and other successful Japanese companies that were located in Hiroshima and surrounding areas. Yes, that’s right, we rebuilt that whole area and helped them regrow. I don’t see us doing that post 9/11. We aren’t the same country we were before, and that’s mainly because we are living a life of Fear.

In the years following 9/11 we were afraid of everything. The bad guys in movies went from being Russian or Serbian as they began being Muslim or Arab. Muslim American’s were targeted as traitors and spies, even within the past year politicians (Namely Michelle Bachmann) has accused certain members of Congress as being a part of the “Muslim Brotherhood”. These members were to be investigated and spied on, they were to be made out to be bad people to guarantee they wouldn’t be re-elected. The sad thing is it worked, for 11 years now we’ve been scared to death of Muslim people.

Now, that’s not true for everyone. Some of us aren’t afraid of Muslim’s or Arab’s. I for one don’t single them out and don’t believe they are anymore evil or good than any particular group of people. American’s, European’s, Muslim’s, Japanese, Chinese, Russian’s, and any other culture can be just as evil as the other. I’m not worried about any of them, if things happen it happens, there’s no need to single them out and blame them on everything.

The world’s changed a lot in 11 years. We’ve gone from a successful economic country to one struggling to survive and continually in debt to foreign countries. That’s not to say those countries are doing better than us, as most of Europe has been in an downhill spiral for awhile now. But add in the fact that we spent money on two unneeded wars and Europe helped us out, you begin to realize how our fear of another major attack put us in this issue. It’s not the only issue, but it’s been a major issue for America.

I’ve been happy that over the past 4 years we’ve begun to remove the language of fear in our government. The Obama Administration has removed the color-coded “threat level” system. They’ve put Bin Laden to rest, and they’ve stopped talking about the Taliban in every press conference. They’ve also begun to bring troops home from overseas, while still assisting those countries in rebuilding themselves. Our current political campaigns aren’t about the wars anymore, but about jobs.

There’s a lot of other things I remember about 11 years ago, I accused the Bush Administration as being involved in it while being in my High School Spanish class as the events took place. My reasoning was that the Bush Administration had openly been seeking a way to go to war with Iraq.  This was not because I was brain washed by people, but because I grew up watching George H. W. Bush try and take down Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi government. I listened to Dubya say over and over that people like Saddam were evil and had to be dealt with. It was all but obvious, and unfortunately it seems like it was true. As the CIA and other government agencies have come out in years past to say they knew about the attacks and warned the Bush Administration. We went to war with Iraq, and it was the first place we went, even though most of the attackers of 9/11 were from Afghanistan or other countries.

I’m not sorry for what I’ve just said, I’m sorry that our government failed us in this instance. How do you know of such tragic event’s possibly happening and do nothing about it. I hope what we know about this is everything we can know. I don’t want to find out in 30 years that our government had a bigger hand in it, I don’t want to learn that they could have been behind all of it and been responsible for American lives. So to those out there trying to prove the government did it, either do it quickly or stop. Eventually the American people don’t need to know anymore. Eventually you need to move on like the rest of us.

It’s time for America to work together again. The plan of the attacks were to cause us to destroy ourselves. Little did they know the American spirit would be at it’s highest following the attacks. It was a good 4 to 5 years before we collapsed, and we only collapsed due to failed government leadership. We failed because of our extreme American spirit and pride. We allowed our government to have the keys to the car without checking the fluid levels. It’s time we take back the pink slip to our car, and it’s time to remember how we failed, not how the events of 9/11 ruined our country. I’m sorry for those who lost someone in the events, and I hope that you’ve been able to move forward in your life and do fantastic things in the honor of those loved ones lost.


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